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  • RZNC-0501 Update(New Version)
  • Author:Beijing Richnc Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Published:2016-06-24
  • Download:【Download】
Update step:
1.Download and uncompress the RZNC-05.rar file,you will got two files:
RZNC-05.zup and readme.txt
2.Copy the file(RZNC-05.zup) into the U flash(best is 4Gb) or inner.
3.Press the menu-----system setup-----update-------select the U flash------found this file
4.Press X- or Y- page down for read the version information till finish 
5.Press the OK button for updating
6.Power off then power on again.
your controller will update to new version and new functions. 
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Version Imprint:
1.Improve the Max moving speed as 80M/min
2.Improve the Min pluse as 0.01 and support the 2-7 pluse width
3.Improve the motion smooth processing
4.Support read F code
5.Support read S code
6.Support read M code
7.Support more than 4GB U flash read
8.Support outputs independent controlling
9.Support hot-restart
10.Support motor direction change from controller
11.Support screen Logo setup
12.Support screen words setup